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About Octopus

Octopus Books is a small poetry press in Portland, OR. Established in 2006, Octopus Books is committed to building a catalog of contemporary poetry by publishing four books each year. Many of our titles are selected through our open reading period held each April.


Zachary Schomburg, Editor/Publisher — Octopus Books

Zachary Schomburg is a founding editor of Octopus Magazine in 2003, and of Octopus Books in 2006. His first novel, Mammother, is forthcoming from Featherproof Books, and he is the author of four books of poetry including, most recently, The Book of Joshua (2014). He lives in Portland, OR.

Twitter: @zschomburg

Hajara Quinn, Editor — Octopus Books

Hajara Quinn lives and writes in Portland, OR. Her first book of poems, Coolth, is forthcoming from Big Lucks. She has an MFA in poetry from Cornell University.

Twitter: @HajaraQuinnifer

Mathias Svalina, Editor — Octopus Books

Mathias Svalina is a founding editor for Octopus Books. He wrote Destruction MythI Am A Very Productive EntrepreneurThe Explosions, and The Wine-Dark Sea. He is currently biking from town to town delivering dreams.

Twitter: @MathiasSvalina

Boramie Sao, Editorial + Social Media Intern

Boramie moved to Portland, Oregon in the Spring of 2013. She’s the youngest of six, and the daughter of Cambodian refugees. There’s nothing she won’t eat, especially if it’s spicy. Doesn’t like cold feet, but it’s a common thing in her life now. She’s interested in music, writing, art, traveling around and learning about people. Doesn’t like it when people use the letter “v” in place of “very”… especially in conversation.

Drew Scott Swenhaugen, Design — Octopus Books, Fonograf Editions

Drew Scott Swenhaugen is the author of the chapbook Big, co-creator of Poor Claudia, and the reading series Bad Blood. He is a freelance book designer, and an editor for Gramma. Contact here.

Jeff Alessandrelli, Editor — Fonograf Editions

Jeff Alessandrelli is the author of the full-length collection THIS LAST TIME WILL BE THE FIRST (Burnside Review Press, 2014). Other work has appeared in Denver Quarterly, DIAGRAM, Gulf Coast, Boston Review, and five chapbooks. In addition to Fongraf Editions, he also co-runs the chapbook outfit Dikembe Press.

Gregor Holtz, Web Designer

Gregor Holtz is a web designer/developer based out of Portland, OR. He is originally from Phoenix, AZ. He is mostly ok. See more of his work here