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admin—October 16, 2016


This week Octopus Books is going to get weirde. Welcome to Weirde Sister week! We’re celebrating the release of our latest title, James Gendron’s second book of poems, Weirde Sister. If you buy Weirde Sister directly from our website this week, it will be signed by the author himself, and all purchases will include a free copy of Hearde Sister, a custom mix-tape featuring readings from the book and rare occult garage psych and soul jams. We’ll also show you some original Weirde Sister music videos, animation, and a reading by James Gendron’s very own mother! Tell a friend!

If you purchase on one of the following days, this is how James Gendron will raise the stakes:

Tuesday, 10/18:  JG will draw a tarot card of your pet. In the notes section of your purchase, specify which of the major arcana you want JG to draw and send 3-10 picks of your pet.
Wednesday, 10/19: The first 10 orders will include a beeswax candle into which JG will carve an original design.
Thursday, 10/20: JG will provide a numerological analysis of your name, and he will also give you three nicknames.
Friday, 10/21: JG will send you a personalized video greeting starring his fog machine.