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Weirde Sister Release Party! at Xhurch on 10/15

admin—September 25, 2016




James Gendron’s sophomore collection with Octopus Books, WEIRDE SISTER, will be officially released this year on Halloween. But the best, most fun, most magical way to get the book is before then, at the official WEIRDE SISTER release party on Saturday, 10/15 at Xhurch. Join us to celebrate Jack’s second book with tarot readings, face painting, prophetic insights, live music, poetry readings, a DJ, and a reading by the poet of WEIRDE SISTER himself.

WEIRDE SISTER is a historical epic tragedy in verse based on beliefs and narratives dating to the European witch persecutions, which unfolded over three centuries and claimed an estimated 50,000. It is a long poem on the subject of witches, witchcraft, witch persecutions, and whether Hell is really as hot as they say.
6:00 – 7:00
* Tarot Readings by Tarot Obscuro (Stephanie Adams-Santos)!
* Face-Painting by Mary Anne Carter!
* Prophetic Insights by Infinite Anus the Oracular Orifice (Anna Vo)!

7:15 – 7:45
* Music by Anna Vo (Vo Vo)!

8:00 – 9:00
* Poetry by Ashley Toliver!
* Poetry by Emily Kendal Frey!
* Poetry by Izzy Ferguson!
* Poetry by Natassja Pal!
* Poetry by Sarah Galvin!
* Poetry by Timmy Straw!
* A Reading by Lynnis Gendron (my mom, y’all!)
* Animation by Bent Image Lab!

9:15 – 10:00
* Music by DUBAIS!
* Dance by Lu Yim!

* M.C.’ed by Eva Schifter!
$7 ($5 w/ E.B.T.)