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Weirde Sister

James Gendron

35 available
isbn: 978-0-9861811-3-9
100 pages

James Gendron

James Gendron is the author of Sexual Boat (Sex Boats) and Weirde Sister. His poems have appeared in Tin House, The PEN Poetry Series, Witch Craft Magazine, Pinwheel Journal, and Fence. His aura is purple.

praise for Weirde Sister

From the Foreword:

WEIRDE SISTER is rooted In my troubled thinking on the subject of witches, witchcraft, witch persecutions, and whether Hell is really as hot as they say. The book is both heavily researched and heavily made-up. Its plot points and characters are based on historical beliefs and narratives dating to the European witch persecutions, which unfolded over three centuries and claimed an estimated 50,000 lives—a world-historical tragedy of which the Salem Witch Trials are but a late and geographically remote aftershock.

excerpt from Weirde Sister

To be possessed is not a crime
But neither is it a vacation
You thrash wildly at all times
Authority figures hold you down in a perfect
Microcosm of society’s bullshit
While onlookers remark upon your odor in texts
That will survive four-hundred years
You barf up child skeletons
Fully articulated in postures of sheer terror
Meanwhile your soul is doing God-knows-what
Is it even still in there
Does it develop Stockholm syndrome
Like a candle dropped in a well
Does it become very small
Like a dinosaur
Occluded by a giant rock of pain
Does it blink on & off like a brain in the dark of a grave
A tiny urine-colored crystal
Sundered from the geode of Hell