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The Deathbed Editions

Dan Hoy

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isbn: 9780986181115
332 pages

Dan Hoy

Dan Hoy is the author of The Deathbed Editions (Octopus Books, 2016)
and several poetry chapbooks, including Omegachurch (Solar Luxuriance,
2010) and Glory Hole (Mal-O-Mar Editions, 2009). He was a contributor
to the collective blog Montevidayo (2010-2015) and co-editor of the
multidisciplinary journal Soft Targets (2005-2007).

praise for The Deathbed Editions

When I picked up this collection, it felt very much like being invaded, being emotionally ravaged, and having to re-spawn over and over again to stave off the ever-encroaching void, the Sisyphean task of merely surviving this world.” –Carleen Tibbetts, American Microreviews

Dan Hoy’s trilogy, The Deathbed Editions, is an ambitious debut collection of his first three full-length poetry books: Black Atlas, Blood Work, and Michael Madonna. With its mystic yet colloquial lyricism, Deathbed evokes an apocalyptic landscape of political unrest and ecological collapse, of paranoia and redemption, cycling through messianic prophecy, solomonic magic, alien invasions, blood alchemy, solar ecstasy and the erotic, lyrical wreckage of dueling pop icons. On the deathbed of civilization, “the world / is the end of the world,” and the apocalypse reveals itself not as an imminent reckoning but as an immanent condition erupting across all bodies – our physical bodies, our collective bodies and the body of Earth.

If the future
has no future

this is where I wait for you.