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The Black Forest

Christopher DeWeese

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isbn: 9780980193893
80 pages

Christopher DeWeese

Christopher DeWeese is the author of The Black Forest (Octopus Books, 2012) and The Father of the Arrow is the Thought (Octopus Books, 2015) . His poems have appeared in Boston Review, jubilat, and Tin House. He is an assistant professor of poetry at Wright State University.

praise for The Black Forest

Through these poems, a paradox arises, where their performance is both a means of navigating the forest and the forest itself. The forest and the poem’s place in it remain inscrutable and undefined, but although I am certain there are terms of this existence, at the same moment I am uncertain what those terms are. Thankfully, this is also the situation of each poem’s narrator, who undertakes a sort of line-by-line conjecture, a literal laying of ground on which each poem proceeds. At which point a mysterious form of traveling begins, and I’m glad to follow the voice that emerges to tell about itself in each poem. As I journey through, these poems renew my sense of poetry as a process of being and being as a process of creating.

—Jack Christian

excerpt from The Black Forest

The street trends green,
the pollen like a mood
you don’t know until it covers you.
They use artificial colors
to make pills white,
I recently realized.
And when the world uses light,
its colors become products
processed by machines,
only some of which are our eyes.
The night lowers ladders
to sell us jewelry we don’t need,
stars that know nothing
of the darkness we inscribe around them.
We are so good at finding
the distance between bodies
and then measuring it,
as if the most important thing
were how to enforce the unit
that underlies each system,
the apple inside the gravity
the tree tries not to believe in.