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Everyone Here

Cecily Iddings

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isbn: 9780985118280
95 pages

Cecily Iddings

Cecily Iddings’ first book is Everyone Here (Octopus Books, 2014). She earned an MA in English at the University of Georgia and an MFA in poetry from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She lives in Brooklyn.

praise for Everyone Here

Though not especially guarded, her poems are nonetheless prepared–spinning and flipping between unhappy, playful, and politically reflective moods, vaulting from domestic to demented to demonic, they always hit the ground precisely and decisively. By being direct, definite, open and unobtrusive, their performance of the first person singular become a conduit to shared experience.

Frank Guan

excerpt from Everyone Here


Fundamentally it’s hard to trust
the library when it loses bricks
from its fifteenth story,

and I don’t trust my mentor
either who never recommended me
to the institute for better

or worse. For so many so-so years
I kept a house full of chickens
with a doubtful disease,

I kept a lousy prognosticator,
we kept all our eyes stacked
like masonry on each other.

Nearby we’re afraid of nearly
everything, of you
if you catch my drift.