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Correct Animal

Rebecca Farivar

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isbn: 9780980193862
84 pages

Rebecca Farivar

Rebecca Farivar is the author of Correct Animal (Octopus Books, 2011) and chapbooks Sudden Lake (Dikembe Press, 2016), Full Meal (BOAAT, 2014), Am Rhein (Burnside Review, 2013), and American Lit (Dancing Girl Press, 2011). She holds an MFA in poetry from St. Mary’s College of California and lives in Oakland, CA.

praise for Correct Animal

In these poems narrative is always slipping away just as it’s appearing. We feel the urgent of the imagination rewriting the world—as it sees it, as it wants it. “When a thing may or may not be real,” writes Farivar, “you sense it as a half / presence, a source,” and that is precisely the experience of reading these delightfully playful but also deadly serious poems. We sense the source, and sense it as “full of dark matter,” which means both unknowable and necessary.

—Julie Carr

excerpt from Correct Animal

From This Body

Eyes are not perfect
circles. Perfection is
unnatural. I draw
two bisected ovals.
The eyebrows
make them human.
This morning you said
my hair is always
perfect. Meaning
you have loved someone
other than me. Arms
decorate the tree.
Ornaments dangling
from every branch.
You can harvest
many things: wheat cotton
cars, bodies. Your body propped
on cinder blocks. That’s your arm
in the tree. Meaning
I am in the tree.