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April Open Reading Period

Alisa Heinzman—April 1, 2014

Tomorrow, April First, is the first day of our month-long open reading period for poetry manuscripts. Please send us your poems, we want to read them. Please don’t include your name on the manuscript, we want it to be a surprise. Read how to do it all here. These books were chosen from previous reading periods:

Cecily Iddings’ Everyone Here (forthcoming), James Gendron’s Sexual Boat (Sex Boats), Amy Lawless’ My Dead, Ben Mirov’s Hider Roser, Patricia Lockwood’s Ballon Pop Outlaw Black, Jenny Zhang’s Dear Jenny, We Are All Find, Christopher DeWeese’s The Black Forest, Rebecca Farivar’s Correct Animal, Heather Christle’s The Difficult Farm, Cynthia Arrieu-King’s People Are Tiny in Paintings of China, Claire Becker’s Where We Think It Should Go, Matvei Yankelevich’s Boris By The Sea, Eric Baus’ Tuned Droves, Julie Doxsee’s Undersleep